Dated: 10/23/2019

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Looking back on Boulder’s 2018 real estate market. 2018 was a good year.

Boulder Market Statistics

While the number of sales are down by a small 2% margin (or 35 fewer home sales) to 1616 homes sold, this can be mostly attributable to fewer homes being listed for sale (2263 new listings, down 2.8% from 2017).

The average sales price is up 11% to $888,194.  The median sales price is $715,000 up by 6.4%. FYI, this includes affordable housing sales and everything in between.  And, more houses over $2 million sold in 2018 than ever before.

Days on market is down 12%  All of this points to a very strong market, even with other markets nearby and nationally starting to cool off.

Here’s a Quick Look at Boulder’s 2018 Indicators

Homes Sold1,616-2.1%
Sales Price Avg$888,194+6.4%
Sales Price Med$715,000+11.4%
Days On Market43-12.2%

Seller’s market or buyer’s market?

This graph shows months supply of homes, or inventory over the past several months through current. A buyers’ market occurs when there is 6 months or more of inventory.

A sellers’ market occurs when there is 3 months or less of inventory. In between, it is called a “balanced market”.  Balanced markets occur for a brief time when we transition from sellers’ market to buyers’ market or vice versa.  Typically, a balanced market does not last long. 

Real Estate is Super Local!

While these statistics and data give us a good indication of what is happening and allow us to spot current and future trends, each town within Boulder County, and each neighborhood is special in its own right.  

When you are thinking of selling, whether downsizing, upsizing or relocating, contact us to help you determine the current market value of your home, evaluate the conditions in your community, and help you prepare your home for sale.  Call or text 720-295-1604, email  We’re happy to help and we will always maintain confidentiality and discretion on your behalf.

We look forward to putting all our ample resources and expertise to work for you.  Thank you for reading.

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