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On June 27th 1989, a young man from Sweden became the first au pair to travel to this country through Cultural Care au Pair. Since then, over 100,000 young foreigners

Au pairs are like your family

On June 27th 1989, a young man from Sweden became the first au pair to travel to this country through Cultural Care au Pair. Since then, over 100,000 young foreigners (between the ages of 18 – 26) have spent twelve to twenty four months living with an American family through this cultural exchange program approved by the U.S. State Department. Some come for a gap year adventure. Others want to take college level classes and improve their English. Most want to explore this huge country with its diverse geography and culture. Imagine visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and Las Vegas in the same month! One desire is common among the individuals who jump through numerous hoops to qualify for this unique opportunity; the chance to become part of another family.

Boulder County Au Pairs

Here in Boulder County there are currently 80 au pairs representing 18 countries enjoying the experience that is the Colorado lifestyle. Many have never seen snow, never traveled outside their own country, wouldn’t recognize a raccoon, and are unfamiliar with certain kitchen appliances. What they bring to their host families is not easy to describe. Of course, they share their language and holidays but these are the obvious contributions. More subtle is the exchange of perceptions, attitudes, expectations, political views, and communication styles. Host families learn how Americans are perceived in other countries. Parents with younger children discover how childrearing practices vary in other cultures. The au pair learns valuable lessons in getting along in a new household and community. Most need to stretch outside their comfort zone and do so by volunteering their time to local organizations and serving as mentors to newly arrived au pairs. One Dutch au pair jumped in recently to help a neighbor’s scout troop create a display about The Netherlands. Aside from increased cultural awareness, there are many benefits to the hosting experience. The parents gain an experienced caregiver for their children. The babies and children learn to build trust with an adult outside their traditional family unit. The natural outcome is mutual respect and essential skill building for life. When the time is up, many host families will keep in touch with their au pairs through skype and in person visits. One local family is determined to host only Brazilian au pairs because their three children, normally picky eaters, enjoy the food prepared by the au pair. Another mom of infant twins and a preschooler had described life before the arrival of their first au pair as “barely treading water”. One year later, she and her husband have quality time to spend with each child and with each other. Their children are old enough now to anticipate the arrival of their next au pair and understand the role she will play in their lives. “Be at Home in the World” is the motto of this program – an appropriate goal for all of us no matter where we live.

Your Local Childcare Consultant

Jen Rodehaver is a Local Childcare Consultant for Cultural Care au Pair who enjoys helping parents find the best international au pair for their family.
She can be reached at
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